we are full time mama's who want to make the most of our kids lives...
this is the mundane mama monday project...
52+ ideas for a year's worth of activities we can do on monday...
...the idea for the week is posted by friday (just in case you need to add a supply to your shopping list)...
...we do the activity first thing monday (after the kids have gone to school and dad goes back to work)...when you need to do something fun...
...do the activity however YOU want to do it...get creative!
...last we post any pics we want to share on the same post.
...happy monday!


Week 5

Build your own ZOO!


Week 3

*Scavanger hunt:

Take a small walk and find everything on this list and take picture of it or bring it with you! Plan for the last thing you find be at or by your home and have a note
with it (Like Dora "Yay you did it HORRAY!" ) and a small prize attatched (Just something simple like fruit snacks!)

1. White flower
2. purple flower
3. pink flower
4. pine cone or acorn (if wrong season for you make something else up:)
5. black rock (from the asfault probably)
6. leaf
7. a bug, any bug!
8. pet (or wave) to a dog
9. swing set
10. bike (one at your home with note and prize:)